glenn boddice spiritual medium

I first started my spiritual journey at the age of 18 years old, I began seeing lights, colours, hearing voices from the spirit realm also sensing different energies around me and I channeled spirit writings and drawings.

From my mid twenties I started attending a local spiritualist church, where I sat in a development circle learning to enhance my spiritual gifts - mediumship, psychometry, platform work, channelled inspired writing, channelled psychic art and spiritual healing.

This was groundbreaking for me as it was incredible connecting with people of like mind and souls and this gave me the confidence to accept and develop my spirit gifts.

After having over 25 years experience I have worked on platform at a variety of different spiritual venues, participated in paranormal investigations all around UK and ive appeared in numerous paranormal DVDs and documentaries. I particularly enjoyed being involved with a spiritual paranormal TV show called "What's The Story...", which involved investigative mediumship. During the last few years I have helped to raise the vibrations and knowledge of the collective by being involved with a weekly online chat show called "Kindred Spirits" along with the team we would discuss the world of spirit, paranormal and self help principles. Now I am an active member of "Full Circle podcast back to oneness", along with my colleagues we discuss all things spiritual and holistic and interview interesting practitioners within the spiritual and holistic community from all over the world, along with special events and outside broadcasts. I am very passionate about teaching spiritual development through online downloadable courses and online teaching covering a variety of subjects including all aspects of mediumship development and self help empowernent. Music has always played a major role within my life from an early age as I am a musician and music producer. So now I am delighted to be a member of the team for "Universal Alchemy" as a collective we channel, perform and produce spiritual and holistic healing music. We are constantly receiving spiritual downloads and have an expanding body of works that we release and perform Live. I'm actively conducting private readings face to face, party bookings, public demonstrations online, energy forecast readings online and private readings online. Paranormal investigation, energy house Cleansing.

When I work with spirit I channel the healing guidance that you require at that moment in time and bring in the love and compassion from the spiritual realm that enhances your reading. I am a very understanding and helpful gentleman that puts you at ease in a calm and caring professional manner.