1 to 1 private reading

Your Private reading will be conducted online using the following services - Facebook messenger video or audio, Whats App - video or audio, telephone.

1 hour - £30

recorded forecast reading

Would you like some insight into your life ahead ?  

With this recorded reading that you will receive by email, you will be able to download and listen as your up and coming months unfold.

3 months - £7.50

6 months - £10

12 month - £20

Psychic art

Are you wanting a channelled psychic art drawing of your spirit guide and information about them ?
This service is sent to you by email you will receive a photograph of your channelled drawing  and also typed information about your guide. 

Spirit guide drawing and info - £20

Spiritual development

Are you wanting to develop your sensitivity, expand your awareness and explore your spiritual gifts ?   
With one to one private tuition you can learn and grow at your own pace. Conducted over facebook messenger video, Whats App video 

Spiritual development - 1 hour £30 

Paranormal investigations

Are you looking for a Professional spiritual medium and paranormal investigator to explore a location and bring forward information and direct communication with spirit and energy ?

Paranormal Investigation - 1 hour £30 plus

fuel cost and expenses (negotiable)

Around mainland UK  


If you are interested in any of the services above then please get in touch by  sending an email.
Thank you


Spiritual Cleansing

Are you experiencing discomfort in your home, workplace, building or land due to paranormal activity and want it to be restored to a balanced peaceful environment ?

Spiritual Cleansing - 1 hour £30  plus 

fuel cost and expenses (negotiable)

Around mainland UK