Full Circle Podcast

Glenn is a proud member of the Full Circle podcast and along with colleagues Phil and Julie they talk about all manner of spiritual and holistic topics and interview a variety of guests from all over the world that share their journeys.  The team also travel to all manner of different locations of spiritual and supernatural interest along with covering mind body spirit events. 
Welcome to the Full Circle Podcast with your hosts: Julie Gater (Atlantean Egyptian Crystal Energy Healer, Songwriter at Heavenly Voices and Alchemy Music Teacher and Musician), Glenn Boddice (Spiritual Medium, Musician and Producer) and Phillip Wright (Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Development Guide) Our podcast will bring you open minded discussions of various topics, exploring our own journeys‘ of spirtual development. There are plenty of topics to start with including meditation, creation theories, individual spirituality, collective consciousness & duality, mediumship and psychic abilities, ghosts and spirits, runes, soul contracts & soul groups, akashic records, astral travel, manifestation, lightworkers, higher beings and Angels. We will also be having special guests to come and share their own thoughts, experiences and talk about their own spiritual practices. You are now tuned in to the Full Circle frequency. 

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Extra slice video episodes

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We have decided to start our Patreon account to help fund costs for hosting the podcast platform and website. We'd like to upgrade equipment and grow our community and we'd really appreciate your help to do it.
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